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Social Time

It was interesting to read Durkheim’s formulation of social facts as that which exist as distinct from, outside of, and beyond the individual. I also found Durkheim’s take on the individual as subjected to, constrained by, and tacitly coerced to … Continue reading

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Week 2: The Norm

What Durkheim is presenting us with is the framework for a sociological method that, by now, is quite familiar: one that separates individual experience from social fact. For Durkheim, “society is not the mere sum of its individual members” (Perry, … Continue reading

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Week 1: Organic Social Machines

In the preface to The Order of Things, Foucault delineates a methodology that seeks the trace the “pure experience of order” (xxi) as it has developed since the 16th century. Specifically he seeks to pursue “in what way […] language … Continue reading

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